Tips to Help Dyslexic Students

Dyslexia is a learning disorder that affects both the written and spoken language of a person. This can be a problem because it prevents the person from being able to understand what is being said around him. When reading or writing out something, he has to look up at the words and then decode the […]

How To Choose An Intervention For Dyslexia

The importance of early intervention is frequently under-emphasized. That is, interventions for dyslexia do not really start at birth; rather, they are most effective when started at the second or even third birthday of an individual who suffers from this disabling learning disorder. Some things always bear repeating: the need to undertake a thorough psychiatric […]

The Importance of Early Identification of Dyslexia

The importance of early identification of dyslexia in learning settings has not received the attention it deserves. Research on this matter has been minimal and very limited. A recent meta-analysis of research aimed at identifying the relationship between early reading and writing disability and academic achievement showed that there is a strong link between these […]