Orton-Gillingham Teacher Training

One of the most innovative ways to prepare people for careers that demand highly developed reading and writing skills is with the Orton-Gillingham method. The Orton-Gillingham method was developed by two educators, William Reis and Frank Marshall. They recognized the need for teaching individuals who didn’t have good reading skills, but had strong written skills. […]

What Does Dyslexia Look Like?

  Dyslexia is a problem in reading that affects the ability to read and write. It can also affect the ability to understand directions and sequence. There are many things that look like dyslexia but are not dyslexia. There are many different things that are said to be dyslexia. There are conditions that are associated […]

All About Reading Comprehension

Education is defined as the systematic development of students’ skills and understanding. With reading comprehension, your child will grow and develop skills that will make him an asset to the world. Make sure that your children spend adequate time reading in elementary school so that they will learn and understand concepts in reading. The purpose […]

What Is Orton-Gillingham?

We believe that every child is worthy of a future of possibilities and success. For those who have dyslexia or other reading difficulties it ends up being a difficult job to prosper in school and/or beyond without particular intervention. For these reasons we make use of the Orton-Gillingham approach— a proven method that assists open […]